Craig Grozier Takeover At Cub

Cub London:

The talented Craig Grozier from Fallachan Dining  will be taking the reins at Cub for one week at the end of this month. With extreme creativity and passion for our shared values, Craig is heading up four unique dinners inspired by the Scottish landscape, using Ingredients foraged (responsibly!) from the UK, and drinks from The Botanist Gin and Bruichladdich 

Like many of us at team Cub, Craig kicked off his hospitality career in the city of Edinburgh, arriving there from his home in the Highlands 18 years ago. Trained in classic French cuisine, he has gone on to draw inspiration from wild ingredients in cities such as Copenhagen, Australia, Asia, Japan and India, but with Scotland remaining the fuel of his inspiration and passion behind his dining events company Fallachan.

In Craig’s words, “There’s a few things cooks are driven by. Adrenalin being one! Creativity, experimenting. And with the wild food you are continually inspired by your surroundings because you consistently find new ingredients. And then you can bend what you do with them, like, making a dessert with girolle mushrooms. Or knowing when you first pick that girolle mushroom it smells like apricots and that gives you a new pairing.”

We’ll soon be revealing the special menu Craig is planning for this one-off  takeover, happening from Oct 29th - Nov 4th. You can book your spot here